Animalia IDO review by DPAD

Animalia is an ambitious Free to play card game, supported by industry veterans and a young and fresh team. The project seems full of creativity, we expect this quality will take them a long way.

Let’s check out the project deeply and analyze what scopes does this gaming token present for the crypto and gaming community. We’ll review the whole project in our signature 9 steps. Animalia has scored 70% points in our signature Hypemeter.


The idea is cool, combining card game with crypto Tokenomics. The concept of Titans, Meme-inspired critters, gemstones, etc. are great ones, completely capable of attracting new gamer’s interest towards the game.


The website quality is great visually but lacks UX quality due to the font selection. Any experienced team should not make such a poor decision in font selection. Although I root for the design team of this project. They have done great job in showcasing the ideas and imaginative concepts in their own artistic approach.


The overall work reflects professionalism from the team behind the project. Unlike other projects they have also summarized the partnership lists in a Medium article. In many other projects it becomes a nightmare to search for the partners. They have

Token Feasibility

This game could’ve just been possible without having a native token, simply allowing the trade of NFT cards with BNB. But instead the project has two separate tokens, leaving our mouths wide open. $ANIM and $PHIL are two tokens that will be used in the game. It’s too much! Being a P2E game allows reason for one native token at max. Also the token allocation for ecosystem is just 22%, whereas 38% tokens are allocated for the Token Sale. So the Tokenomics is very poor in itself, but being a good project the hope can exist for the token’s survival.

Market Fit

The project could be a good market fit since similar games like Hearthstones have a large following in gaming audience. But due to the friction of connecting with Web3 services like Metamask, I believe that the game adoption will be tough among the existing card game players. The project team shall have to focus intensively on educating gamers about crypto wallets, etc. But P2E incentive will catalyze in educating the new audience unfamiliar with crypto.


The team seems young, fresh capable of running the project in the long run. They have a good backing of advisors from the crypto community which will help them at different stages.


They have very conveniently summarized the partnership details in a Medium article here

They have show 7 partners in total including of VC, KOL, influencer, launchpad and community and media partner. It’s a good collection for an ideal project in today’s IDO landscape.


The whitepaper format is unique, no pdf or GitBook document. Simply they have put it on the website. The whitepaper has all the general details about the project, Tokenomics, game play, game rules, etc. The whitepaper could have explained the sophisticated economics behind the token existence, but they have just shown the token utility and details of supply and distribution. We didn’t find find this Whitepaper of a superior quality.


The marketing seems low key as compared to other hyped IDO projects. They have chosen some media partners and must have got help from KOL regarding the marketing. The core team doesn’t look like having a strong marketing team. After fundraise they must onboard a good team for marketing department. So for now the huge marketing hype is not that important as long as the project concept and team look sound enough.


Our verdict for this project is that this looks a good project effort by the concerned team. They have capabilities to ideate and buidl a project according to their commitment. The scaling issue of the business is not clear yet. One key component i.e. Tokenomics doesn’t seem much appealing at this stage. But if the game attracts proper target audience then the token can grow stronger.

Any suggestions are welcome on this review.

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