Chirpley IDO: Why We Ran Out Of Rocket Fuel and the Way-forward

2 min readSep 7, 2022

Moon missions are sometimes challenging, and this time was no exception. With the initial rush of trying to become the best launchpad in the world and not having enough time to prepare for our first moon mission, we, unfortunately, did not pack enough rocket fuel in our tanks.

Our first moon mission attempt with Chirpley was not a success, partly because of the limited timeframe we had to execute the operation and fully because of the raging bear market. Even though we knew that there’s a bear virus snowboarding across the crypto world, our first IDO was not spared from the contagious effects.

While this was not the outcome we planned, we sincerely hope the best for Chirpley and the team going forward. The project and its platform are significant market-shakers already, and we know that this small setback will not bog them down on their independent moon mission.

What About Those that Contributed?

If you were part of the people that contributed to the now-ended Chirpley sale, first of all, thank you and congratulations! Not only did you participate in the world’s first (and only, so far) launchpad 2.0 sale, but you also just made history. Even though we ran out of rocket fuel on our moon mission, you will certainly have your contributions back.

You can head over to this link, connect the same wallet you used to participate, and reclaim your funds. If you have any problems with this step, please endeavour to drop a message on the telegram group and our team will jump to your rescue.

What’s Next for DPAD?

With our rocket stuck in space now with no fuel, what will happen to us? Will we be forced to close down the shop? ABSOLUTELY NOT!

DPAD can only come back stronger from this. We won’t stop building and we won’t stop developing. We truly believe we are the chosen ones to change the launchpad space forever. We will reload our rocket fuel and shoot for the moon again! If you’ve been with us this far, know that the journey is just about to start!

Learn more about DPAD on the following links:

Website |Telegram |Announcement |Youtube |Twitter | Whitepaper |Token Contract| DPAD on Bloomberg




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