Crypto Incubation in Blockchain Industry

3 min readNov 27, 2021


DPAD is introducing a decentralized incubation for Metaverse projects. The goal is to provide support to the budding entrepreneurs in the Blockchain industry.

Technology is at the center of the 21st century. Modernizing our lives every day has increased the need for new technologies. New technologies are being welcomed with open arms. Whether it’s a remote control-to-control device or voice notes to give commands. Modern technology has become a part of our regular lives. Technologies like augmented reality and IoT have been gaining momentum in recent years, and now comes the newest addition, Blockchain Technology.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain can be described as a data structure that holds transactional records, and while ensuring security, transparency, and decentralization. Basically, a blockchain is a public ledger that is open to all users on any network.

What is a startup Incubator?

A startup incubator is a collaborative program designed to help new startups succeed. By providing workspace, seed funding, mentoring, and training, incubators help entrepreneurs deal with some of the problems associated with running a startup. The sole purpose of a startup incubator is to help entrepreneurs grow their business.

Birth of Crypto Incubators.

The popularity of incubators increased after the cryptocurrency bull run of 2017 when new projects were popping up left and right and gaining astronomical market caps within weeks or months. Many of the startup incubators we see today emerged during this market craze, which created a demand for more.

Although there was dramatic growth in crypto and incubator companies in 2017, it was still a very early stage. Incubators will really start to emerge (mainly starting in 2018) and establish themselves as real powerhouses in the market, helping bring promising projects to success.

Crypto Incubation Center

A crypto incubator is a company that searches for potential successful projects and provides support through the critical phases of development. This often occurs from the ground up.
Incubators offer a wide range of services such as funding, marketing, advising, strategy, community building, and more.

These days, getting selected by an incubator can be a great opportunity since it means the project has access to experts to really propel their growth and raise awareness. Since thousands of projects have flooded the market, an incubator can provide services that can differentiate a project from the competition and further promote its brand.

A crypto incubator is also referred to as a venture capital firm or an accelerator in the digital asset space. They are often made up of venture capital experts who provide guidance. In exchange for their services, the associated project typically surrenders some equity, which helps foster the incubator’s motivation to make it a success.

The Benefits of Incubators for Investors

Crypto incubators, of course, strive to provide quality services and great value to the projects they partner with. However, it is also important to point out how crypto investors benefit from the emergence of quality incubators. Before the 2017 ICO craze, investors had a chance to participate in pre-launch sales of tokens for new and promising projects. But this has changed dramatically since then.

By investing in crypto incubators, investors can ensure the projects they’re investing in are managed by professionals, eliminating a lot of uncertainty and guesswork ahead of time. Moreover, incubators can often assist in eliminating the previously pronounced “pump and dump” aspect of new token launches. In turn, this will help sustain organic growth. A major factor in helping projects succeed is through attracting investors to inject capital, so incubators are beneficial in this respect as well.

DPAD is building a decentralized protocol for crypto launchpad where anyone can raise funds for their business idea. The whole process on DPAD is decentralized and user controlled. DPAD supports the decentralization of crypto, true ownership of crypto assets. Learn more about DPAD on the following links:

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