Dpad Protocol Chooses Pink Sale as Launchpad for Upcoming IDO


Dpad Protocol is pleased to announce that we have chosen to hold our upcoming IDO on the PinkSale protocol. After successful completion of both our Seed round and Private sale round the next step is to hold our Initial Dex Offering, and in keeping with the decentralized nature of the Dpad protocol it just makes sense to utilize the PinkSale protocol for the DPAD IDO coming soon.

Dpad received the KYC badge from PinkSale this week, and announced the Presale IDO for 9th to 11th March 2022. Presale Link

About PinkSale

The PinkSale protocol is a full suite of tools for project founders to utilize for a new blockchain project. The tools range from token creation, to generating liquidity, website development, smart contract development, and even creating a launchpad. PinkSale has partnerships with both centralized exchanges as well as decentralized exchanges, and they even have their own exchange PinkSwap.

About DPAD Finance

The DPAD Finance is an IDO platform built by and for IDO investors. The founders stepped into crypto in 2016 during the rise of the ICO and have been through all the different phases. In this time they have identified all the pain points of IDO investors and have created a streamlined protocol that has automated as many steps in the process as possible. It’s a fully decentralized organization, with a social venture builders program focused on launching the best start up ideas to hit the Metaverse.

Learn more about DPAD on the following links:

Website |Telegram |Announcement |Youtube |Twitter |Reddit| Medium Whitepaper |Token Contract| DPAD on Bloomberg




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