DPAD Smart Contract Receives AUDIT Badge from FreshCoins

2 min readMar 5, 2022


DPAD audited by Freshcoins

Dpad is pleased to announce the successful completion of our $DPAD token smart contract by FreshCoins. This security audit was performed by smart contract developers that are certified to ensure that the code for users is written safely, securely, and will perform the actions as outlined in our project’s whitepaper.

The audit process at FreshCoins consists of a manual analysis first to understand the functionality of the smart contract. There is a solidity assessment to run simulations to check for back door vulnerabilities conducted by the FreshCoins experts. The next step was a meeting with our dev team to discuss the findings, and the report from the smart contract assessment has been received. Dpad has earned the AUDIT badge from FreshCoins with a final security score of 98 out of 100 with 0 risks.

Audit Link- https://github.com/freshcoins/Smart-Contract-Audits/blob/main/DPAD_0x4DCAaa68170053aFBBdE15774931adba09272A55.pdf

About Dpad

The Dpad protocol is the world’s first social venture builder. We are a launchpad for the next generation of crypto. Social Venture Builders encompasses the Metaverse, and all that is possible within it. A decentralized protocol for start up founders to execute their ideas and raise funds, at any stage of the process.

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