DPAD | The IDO Launchpad Built for IDO Investors by IDO Investors

3 min readNov 23, 2021

Welcome to DPAD, the IDO launchpad built by and for IDO investors.

An IDO or Initial DEX Offering is the fundraising system that replaced the classic ICO or Initial Coin Offering that was so popular in the last crypto bull run during 2017/18. The ICO was significant because it allowed thousands of new projects to bring their ideas to market. However, many projects with zero oversight pocketed investor funds to buy things like Lambos and beach condos, while the projects themselves never made it out of the idea phase. The IDO changed the game for investors by managing what was once considered the wild west of crypto.

The IDO is now the first option for projects wishing to raise funds, and investors are continually looking for new projects on various IDO launchpads. With over 14,000 cryptocurrencies now and more coming out every day, the search can be daunting. The DPAD team alone has participated in over 100 project IDOs across 25 different launchpads, all with their own rules and approach to the best way to host an IDO.

Of the two dozen-plus launchpads the team has used, they currently use approximately ten who consistently produce solid growth projects. The DPAD investment team’s best performer was their investment in Monsta which returned over 400x; then they reached 100x with two other projects, multiple 50x projects, and another 20–30 projects, where they got 20x returns.

Fair and Transparent Whitelisting on DPAD

Smaller investors mostly face challenges, and the issues remain constant across most platforms. Whitelisting on different platforms seems to have no rhyme or reason and is often not transparent. So, whitelisting can make the first-come, first-serve allocations suspect at best and make it very difficult to get allocation guarantees, especially from a project with any hype around it. On DPAD, the whitelisting procedure is straightforward and transparent. There are four tiers for whitelisted investors. The bottom level allows for IDO participation and subsequent levels giving additional benefits such as voting rights, guaranteed allocations, and extra rewards from the IDO at the platinum level.

Streamlined Research for Investors

With so many projects hitting the market every day, it’s impossible to research them all. DPAD has streamlined the research process and will provide all relevant links for investors to conduct their own research and perform their own due diligence. DPAD will provide a scientific framework used by reputed incubators like Y Combinator, for analyzing new projects. This framework will be integrated into the UI of the DPAD platform.

Two Types of Project Listings

Projects can list two different ways on the DPAD platform, either by winning a minimum number of votes from the community or by opting for a direct listing. The community members will be tasked with auditing the direct listed projects with a direct listing. These community auditors will gain rewards and reputation for their contributions to the community.

Each listed project will be segmented into its category, and a targeted competitive analysis will be conducted among projects in that sector. This information should aid investors when looking in specific vertical markets in their decision-making process.

Crypto Incubation

DPADs plan to incubate 1000 projects will begin with having 50 new projects every month with full evaluations for investors to consider. In addition, the platform will open up investment tools previously reserved for larger investors, helping to level the playing field.

Binance SmartChain Now with Bridges to the Future

DPAD will launch on the Binance SmartChain, as that is the most economical chain in terms of gas fees and has superior marketing support and aggressive growth goals. Starting from BSC, and then bridging to other 2nd layer solutions in the future will be the best way to bring more projects to more users via the DPAD platform. Bridging will be used to access ETH, SOL, MATIC, and others in the future.


DPAD is building an IDO launchpad with IDO investors at the forefront. After participating in the space, DPAD has crafted an approach centered around small investors who do deep research and are always looking for the next groundbreaking project. By providing clear choices, and fair practices on a transparent platform DPAD will become a leader in the launchpad space on the road to 1000 launches.

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