How DPAD is Transforming the Launchpad Industry in 2022

The proliferation of crypto projects, as well as blockchain-based innovations, has led to the emergence of various launchpads. It is, however, worth-noting that each of these launchpads comes with varying degrees of limitations and challenges. Some of these launchpads, for example, only focus on fundraising alone while some launchpads only popularize new crypto projects without adding any substantial growth-driven value to those projects.

Without joining the downtrend of many evolving launchpads, DPAD Finance is on a mission to become the largest community-based launchpad for blockchain-supported startups globally. Not only that crypto projects will be able to raise initial capital via DPAD’s decentralized launchpad, but those projects will also pass through quality-assurance checks and incubation process that is supervised by our team of top-notch experts in the industry.

General Ecosystem Features on DPAD

The DPAD ecosystem is made up of the following features;

1. Startups: It is obvious that fundraising is not that easy for upcoming projects. DPAD, therefore, serves as an alternative option and perhaps the best among the rest. The idea is to raise capital for entrepreneurs that would not have been possible through various traditional financial institutions.

2. Investors: DPAD offers a simple, fast, and user-friendly investment platform. Members of the community can now invest in a range of exciting projects from a single route.

3. Founders: The founders consist of a diverse breed of experts and a treasure trove of crypto gurus who are experienced, focused, and dedicated to excellence.

4. Community: DPAD supports peer-peer interactions, hence it is a decentralized world where the community is just everything.

5. Resource Providers: As a decentralized launchpad that assists entrepreneurs, DPAD also provides the necessary resources for executing their idea.

How Does DPAD Works

DPAD working mechanism can be explained in the following stages;

1. The project team submits their business or product details to gain a public listing on the DPAD’s voting page. This is known as the applying process and it attracts a token fee in DPAD native currency. After that, the system generates a presale smart contract based on the proposed rule. For the listing, founders can choose either the direct listing or the community voting pool. The latter is most recommended as it enables the community to vote for their preferred projects. Community voting inspires investors’ confidence but projects that gain high community votes are listed directly on the DPAD platform.

2. Projects with higher positive votes receive a minimum of 20% net votes of DPAD token circulating supply or 10% net votes of its maximum token supply with approval to start-up sales. To demonstrate its full decentralization, DPAD token holders govern the DPAD protocol. The protocol displays all the projects available for voting on the platform without the effect of any central authority.

3. Whether you reach the pool directly or via community voting, the funding process is the same. The investment process in either of the pools is also the same. For the funding round, each of the projects receives a dedicated landing page on the platform with all the details displayed. Such project details like contract address, token supply, and so on, with a displayed “Buy Option”. Once you input the amount of BNB token and click‘ buy’, the protocol connects to the buyer’s wallet. This happens via a Web3 connection which requests for transaction confirmation. However, the sales process is transparent and the DPAD protocol allows the various dedicated tiers access to sales on its platform.

Final Thoughts

DPAD is building a launchpad platform that is capable of handling the pressure from a large volume of users; a launchpad for the people and by the people with speed, professionalism, accuracy, scalability, and a server that would not crash easily nor compromise the data of the community members. The DPAD team believes in steady growth rather than just the quick pump-and-dump projects in the launchpad market. Immediately the public launch of DPAD is conducted, the team will harvest the best IDO projects from the market for DPAD holders. Other programs include CEX listing and lastly, partnership with the best teams to bring projects under our Social Venture Builder.

About DPAD Finance

Dpad protocol is the world’s first social venture builder creating the next generation Launchpad for founders focused on decentralized Web3 platforms. DPAD has a mission to give wings to upcoming great ideas in the Blockchain ecosystem by providing a completely decentralized, transparent, and simple to use platform for project fundraising and investment opportunities in blockchain startups.

Learn more about DPAD on the following links:

Website |Telegram |Announcement |Youtube |Twitter | Whitepaper |Token Contract| DPAD on Bloomberg



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