Just In: Chirpley IDO is Coming Live on DPAD Launchpad

4 min readSep 2, 2022


We are excited to announce our very first IDO on DPAD Finance’s Launchpad vis-a-vis Chirpley Artificial Intelligence (AI), a one-of-a-kind micro and nano influencer platform that is disrupting the marketing space.

Chirpley is a first-of-its-kind influencer platform that connects brands to influencers based on their specific needs. It helps brands get the best value for their money out of the influencers they are given by using an AI and Machine Learning-based matching system that pairs influencers with brands based on the needs of the brand. These needs can vary from engagement to geographic positioning, which amongst other things, are the core concept of Chirpley as a product.

Why Chirpley?

  • Smaller is sometimes better

The importance of influencer marketing in crypto cannot be underplayed, as a large percentage of crypto’s audience resides on social media, forming close-knit communities while following influencers as their “guides” to navigate the crypto space.

Influencers in crypto can have large followings ranging in millions but those influencers hardly have a “personal” touch with their audience. It is, in fact, the smaller-sized niche influencers that get to the audience and can often connect with them on a personal level. This is what Chirpley is all about.

By pairing businesses with smaller influencers with tightly knitted communities, Chirpley can achieve higher levels of engagement and brand loyalty, giving the business or brand more “bang for their buck” that they might not have gotten using the services of influencers with much larger followings.

With supporting evidence, research has shown that smaller influencers get over 600% more engagement than larger influencers, which further reinforces the point that smaller influencers with tighter-knit communities surpass large influencers.

  • Reaching out is hard

While it is true that many smaller influencers are a better deal than one huge influencer, it can be really daunting to find and contact all these influencers. A big influencer might be able to reach 1 million people at once with one tweet, but it might take 500 or more smaller influencers to reach that number of people. Imagine contacting a thousand people and striking deals with all of them! It would be a spreadsheet nightmare!

That’s where Chirpley comes in again. Using AI and Machine Learning algorithms, Chirpley is able to connect you with the influencers you need in just 5 minutes. Think about that! What would have taken you nothing less than 2 weeks can now be done in 5 minutes. That is, in just 5 minutes on Chirpley, you will be able to connect with these influencers, strike deals and launch your campaign.

In other words, Chirpley completely cuts-out some hard tasks for founders and startups, and cuts down the time it takes to get a campaign started by over 90%, allowing founders to focus on building world-class projects.

  • Anyone can be an influencer

The opportunity to use Chirpley is not for “standard” influencers alone. Chirpley offers the opportunity of earning money to anyone with at least 100 genuine followers on social media platforms. This means that anyone with at least 100 real followers can become an influencer on Chirpley and make additional income. Even brands can become influencers if they so wish, as Chirpley is not limited in that regard.

This will also assist in spreading the word about your brand because of the details we mentioned earlier about smaller influencers being better than just one massive influencer.

  • The hype is real

Already, Chirpley has reached over 6k+ signups on its platform, with thousands of those being influencers, ready to push brands. Also, Chirpley’s following has grown to over 34k on Twitter and 15k active on Telegram. This is a very exponential growth and it shows genuine interest in Chirpley as a product.

DPAD Details

Chirpley will be having its IDO with DPAD on the 6th of September, 2022 at 2pm UTC. There will be a general allocation of 30,000 BUSD at a price of 0.021BUSD per CHRP.

Here are the details:

Ticker: CHRP

IDO date : 6th September, 2022

DPAD Allocation : 30,000 BUSD

Price : 0.021 BUSD/CHRP

IDO Vesting : 15% released at TGE, then linear vesting over 6 months.

IDO location: DPAD Finance

We hope to see you at the IDO!

About Chirpley

Chirpley is a first-of-its-kind AI-powered micro and nano influencer marketing platform that connects brands to micro and nano influencers. It also gives anyone with at least 100 genuine followers a chance to become an influencer on the platform and earn money with their account.

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