Just In: Prelaunch Registration Opens For DPAD Beta Testing Program

Hurray! We have a big news coming from DPAD Team. Our core development squad have been working rigorously to bring to our community and the wider world a finished product that lives up to the “next generation Launchpad” tag. Unlike most launchpads in the market presently, we have built a very distinct Launchpad, and it is currently open to Beta Testing (pre-launch). The Beta Testing comes with a huge token pool to be distributed and only a few participants would be selected to execute the test-running mission.

Beta Testing Details

As repeatedly emphasized, DPAD aims to be the first social venture builder in the Launchpad industry, and we are working tirelessly towards that. To this end, our Launchpad platform is tailored to target only the best projects in the market with valid supporting analytics. Now, we need to ensure that the infrastructure and layout are perfect before releasing it to our beloved community and prospective investors. This is where our Beta Testing event comes in. The details are clearly explained below:

  • We are running a campaign whereby only 20 candidates will be shortlisted. Frankly, only wallets of applicants who have staked $DPAD Tokens will be selected.
  • Selected Beta Testers would explore the technical functionalities of our Launchpad to ensure that it is market-ready for the thousands of users that are craving to have it.
  • The testing period would run for 7 days, and selected participants will have to partake in at least 30 test sales out of 35 within this testing period.
  • The participants will be required to send their feedback, as well as errors and bugs found during their testing, to the private telegram group that would be created with DPAD executives.
  • To reward our Beta Testing participants, we have earmarked a reward pool of 100K $DPAD Tokens to be distributed among them.

Caveat: This reward will be distributed to everyone who completes the requirements listed above.

  • For anyone who is interested in such a rare opportunity and is willing to participate in the DPAD Beta Testing program, kindly fill in the registration form that is attached herewith.

Note: Remember that there are only 20 slots available. So ensure you fill-out the form on time!

Concluding Remarks

The DPAD Launchpad will be our first product in the DPAD ecosystem (excluding staking), and we intend to make it a big bang in the Launchpad industry when it eventually goes live. This is why we have come up with this initiative, and we believe strongly that the revolution DPAD is bringing into the Launchpad ecosystem will improve the traditional investment logic that is gradually becoming stale in the cryptosphere.

Stay glued to DPAD social media channels and watch-out for further updates!!!

Click here and Apply on Time! The time is ticking!!

About DPAD Finance

Dpad protocol is the world’s first social venture builder creating the next generation Launchpad for founders focused on decentralized Web3 platforms. DPAD has a mission to give wings to upcoming great ideas in the Blockchain ecosystem by providing a completely decentralized, transparent, and simple to use platform for project fundraising and investment opportunities in blockchain startups.

Learn more about DPAD on the following links:

Website |Telegram |Announcement |Youtube |Twitter | Whitepaper |Token Contract| DPAD on Bloomberg



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