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5 min readMar 20, 2022

Penguins Kart is a cute and exciting car racing game with creative integration of NFTs and Blockchain. The team is well experienced and highly professional in their work.

Let’s look at the project fundamentals and analyze what potential does PGK tokens hold for the gamers and crypto community. We’ll review the project in our signature 9 parameters. Penguin Karts has scored 73% points in our signature Hypemeter. You can compare the performances of projects from our past Hypemeter ratings.


The idea to integrate tokenomics into the famous Kart game looks nice, since the current crypto generation must have played one of the kart games in their life. Many shall start playing the game as a nostalgia, others will play because kart games are undoubtedly addictive. The game quality will be crucial for this project, because the experience of playing traditional kart games has been quite smooth, so players won’t be able to compromise on game UX.



The website looks clean, professional and informative. It displays a good hyped teaser of the game character. We can say that the work on their website has been done by professionals with a good understanding of their domain knowledge.


The team has organized every detail about the project in a professional manner. They are well structured in their communication, quality of materials, partner selection, tidiness in the visual identity of branding elements, etc. It’s apparent that these qualities are a derivative of good work experience. As an investor, we can be assured of one thing from this team, that they will maintain the professionalism in their work.

Token Feasibility

Since this is a game based on P2E economics, having native token is a necessity. For any token feasibility analysis, we first try to imagine whether the project could have sustained by using the existing blockchain native coins like ETH, BNB, MATIC, SOL, etc. But in this project in-game currency is required as being a P2E model, they need to distribute tokens to the players as an incentive of playing the game. It’s commendable that the team decided to allocate 48.53% tokens, which is half of the total supply, for the P2E ecosystem. I had criticized some other P2E projects in the previous review articles, as they had allocated very less tokens for the P2E ecosystem.

Market Fit

There’s no doubt in the popularity of kart racing games worldwide. Most of the Millennials and GenZ population must have played these games at least once. Therefore, this game has a strong potential to capture mass audience. NFT craze and P2E economics shall help to boost the player incentives. I wonder how the UX of the game will look like, to successfully accommodate NFT marketplace, gambling and P2E model.


The core team behind this project constitutes of 4 cool people Tommy, Baz, Mert and Ri Ri. At DPAD, we personally know the team because Ri Ri is official writer at DPAD Finance plus Ri Ri and Mert co-host our LIVE Youtube Talk Show, A Little Late in Crypto. We know that the team is professional, experienced, hard working and ambitious. On the game development part, they have the expert game developers from Fabwelt studios, who are pro at building and delivering blockchain games. We hope they will deliver their best with this project.


The team has partnered with a long list of reputed VCs and KOLs, which will provide strong backing to the project in the long term. Having such partnerships will help in gaining community trust, apart from all the tangible support that the backers provide.


The whitepaper has been drafted professionally with a lot of details about the project, tokenomics, NFT economics, roadmap, business model and marketing plan. Though it lacks information on game development, gameplay, etc for which you need to wait for the next updates.


According to the Whitepaper, the team has partnered with 3 marketing agencies R Gray, DVerse and Decentralized Digital. They have presented a detailed plan of their distribution channels through different approaches like community building, social media, PR campaigns, paid advertisements, gleam contests, etc. So it feels like they have a good back up of marketing experience in crypto market.


Penguin Karts is a project with a combination of a great real world application of crypto tokenomics, craze of NFTs, a solid experienced team and a reputed list of backers. This project has scored 73% in DPAD Hypemeter, which signifies a great potential. It has a great chance of success based on our parameters, be sure to nudge the questions on game development and design during any of their upcoming AMAs or in their Telegram chat group.

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