Refer and Win $500 in DPAD Finance’s YCombinator for Crypto Startups

3 min readDec 1, 2022

DPAD is the YCombinator for blockchain startups and DeFi projects, making funding accessible for high-quality and deserving crypto project founders. Over the past few months, our team has unveiled some initiatives that could make funding more accessible and encourage more startups to enroll in our fund pool. One of the promotional initiatives is our Referral Program. Refer here if you want to see our previously released article on our YCombinator agenda.

TELL THE FOUNDERS OR TEAM TO APPLY HERE: and $500 will be yours once they are selected.

Our Referral Program is designed for those who want to make extra passive income in the blockchain space including influencers, advisors, partners, service providers as well as individuals. We noticed how vast the blockchain ecosystem is and how individuals globally can be a part of this landmark event. This is why we launched the Referral Program. With this initiative, we hope to broaden our reach and make DPAD more visible to these struggling startups’ founders. In turn, it will help us achieve our aim of assisting startups raise enough funds to pursue ambitions.

Benefits of Being a Referrer

Referring to blockchain-based startups and crypto projects seeking funding to DPAD Finance has some perks attached to it. Referrers are rewarded with up to $500 if the applicant or the referred is/are shortlisted and eventually selected by the verification team to be part of the cohort. Referrers are first paid $100 while the balance will come in two to three tranches after selection is concluded in the next couple of months. DPAD wins! You also win!

Besides the monetary reward, being a referrer grants you access to a larger network of project founders and teams. You can strike individual partnerships with project founders and be part of their team as well. The benefits are too immense to ignore. The only thing that guarantees these perks is if you become a DPAD referrer.

DPAD’s YCombinator is the first of its kind that is unifying the total fundraising process for startups in crypto. With time, we will extend to integrate other ambitious agendas. Now, begin to ideate and get your crypto projects ready! Check here to read more our Ycombinator plans or check our blog.

We are open to collaborations and grants from different VCs including mainstream VCs structurally restricted in Web2 doings. DPAD is becoming their technical migration interface into Web3 with lots of promises for the future. We are also open to support from different blockchain protocols and foundations with mutual terms and benefits to derive. Communications from VCs and blockchain foundations should be forwarded to Join the voyage and explore space.

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