Strategic Partnership: Important Questions and Answers for Collaborating with DPAD’s YCombinator for Crypto Startups

5 min readDec 2, 2022

DPAD Finance is the world’s first social venture builder creating the next generation Launchpad for founders focused on decentralized Web3 platforms. DPAD has a mission to give wings to upcoming great ideas in the blockchain ecosystem by providing a completely decentralized, transparent, and simple to use platform for project fundraising and investment opportunities in blockchain startups. Check here for the YCombinator event.

DPAD’s recent upgrading makes DPAD the first Web3’s YCombinator for blockchain startups and DeFi projects, making funding accessible for high-quality and deserving crypto projects’ founders. Over the past few months, our team has unveiled some initiatives that could make funding more accessible and encourage more startups to enroll into our fund pool. Below are some of the frequently asked questions and the responses from our existing and prospective partners.

What is the DPAD Cohort?

DPAD’s cohort is an initiative put forward by the team at DPAD to relieve the burden of fundraising by startups from founders and co-founders of said startups by taking over the fundraising process. Startups accepted into DPAD’s twice-yearly cohorts will receive funding of up to 500 thousand dollars and exclusive access to our network of KOLs, investors and community builders. Basically, projects accepted into the cohort will have a head start in the crypto space and will be ready to go with everything they need from day one.

How many cohorts will DPAD have per year?

It will happen two times a year. The first cycle runs from October- March while the second runs between May to September. DPAD will host two cohorts every year. One will hold in the summer while the other one will hold during winter. The exact cohort dates will be communicated well before the start of the cohort, so applicants have more than ample time to register and get ready for screening.

When will these cohorts take place?

The summer cohort will be between May and September, while the winter cohort will be between October and March. During this time, accepted applicants will be mentored, launched and funded by DPAD and its associates, and will be ready and prepared to take on the market.

How many projects will be part of/ accepted into each cohort?

To keep a close eye on each project, as well as ensure that each project gets our undivided attention to ensure maximum efficiency in delivering results, DPAD will only take a small number of projects under each cohort. About 10–15 projects will be accepted into each cohort session after rigorous screening and due diligence have taken place. For our first cohort application, we are expecting a large volume of startups, possibly in the ballpark of two hundred startups to apply for the cohort, despite the state of the market.

What are the perks for joining the cohort?

For startups that are accepted into the cohort: In addition to the guaranteed $500k funding, you will also get access to

  • Mentorship on how to properly build and scale a successful crypto business similar to DPAD, complete with an active community and fast growth rate.
  • Access to our vast connection base of other crypto projects, VCs and advisors.
  • Access to resources when building as well as guidance

For accepted partners:

  • A vast amount of business opportunities as a result of the startups that will be created and funded
  • Early access to crypto trends and projects
  • Leadway to contribute to the next big thing in the crypto ecosystem.

Who will be on the application review panel?

We have a conglomerate of Blockchain and Industry experts as well as Business Developers who will remain credible and neutral through the review process. The panel will be solely in charge of receiving, reviewing and accepting or rejecting startup applications for the cohorts.

What are the perks of joining the DPAD cohort as a Key Opinion Leader/Influencer?

We believe that we will incubate only high-quality startups under our program, so this gives you access to network with these founders and project teams. You can of course strike individual deals with them after their period in the cohort has expired, and further your network. In addition, you will be associated with high-quality products and projects that deliver on their promises.

Will there be a way to directly reach out to cohort applicants?

Unfortunately, we won’t be allowing direct access to cohort applicants’ personal information and data for privacy reasons. We believe strongly in upholding privacy, and for that reason, this is something we cannot allow. However, you will be allowed to network with cohort applicants within some special sessions to which all applicants will be invited. Alternatively, you may organize key events such as hackathons or programs where we will promote your business directly to applicants, and as such, you can attain a similar network effect.

Can you refer more projects to join the cohort?

Of course, you can! We really encourage referrals of our products and services, and will in fact reward you with up to $500 if the applicant(s) you refer is/are shortlisted and eventually selected (and are therefore part of the 10–15 applicants we will take in every cohort) by our screening team. The first tranche will be $100 which will be paid immediately while the other $400 come in two to three batches in a few months after selection is completed. Check here for more details on our Refer and Win promotional package.

Can you refer more partners?

Of course, you can! We will love for you to recommend our services to even more partners and other opinion leaders. Our goal is to change the way fundraising is done in crypto, and by having more partners and backers, we can quickly and more efficiently achieve this goal. Check here for more details on our Refer and Win promotional package.

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