The Benefits of Web3 Education and Learning At DPAD Finance

4 min readJul 28, 2022


Web3 education is another aspect of the blockchain industry designed to transform the educational sector. Typically, it is an on-chain education where different individuals can easily access educational opportunities. The increasing popularization of Web3 Education tends to be disruptive, the same way blockchain technology took over traditional finance. There are, however, two key advantages or benefits of on-chain education, they include easy accessibility and standard certification program;

Easy Accessibility

On this point, anyone can easily access products, services, educational tools, and other information from anywhere across the globe. This implies that one can attend a lecture from a professor at any university of choice worldwide. You can, for instance, be in Asia and catch up with a lecture at some other universities elsewhere. This system of education would help in solving the educational challenges battling the under-developed countries.

Standard Certification Programs (On-chain Degrees)

A good number of these under-developed countries also lack standardized certification programs. This is why reputable universities around the globe have little regard for their degrees or academic achievements. This development also restricts them from furthering their education or getting good jobs abroad. The Web3 On-chain degree is, however, the second major educational development that can proffer solutions to this traditional educational challenge.

Typical Examples of Web 3 Education

Here are what the on-chain learning looks like and some projects that have contributed to Web3 Education.

Alter Ego Group

The Alter Ego Group is developing a metaverse MMXXII accessible on Museum Masterpieces for cultural preservation. They believe it will avail accessible and affordable education to all countries in the world. With an internet connection, people from different parts of the world can access various information, educational tools, and materials on the world’s architectural works.


A layer one blockchain that is working on filling educational gaps. Its main target is to bring on-chain degrees to the various under-developed countries in the world just like the Web 3 initiative. Cardano benefits over five million students in Ethiopia. The layer one blockchain is advancing financial acceptance and creating digital identities for communities in Tanzania.

In the same variance, educational and financial inclusion is related to each other in some of these developing countries. Due to the traditional educational system in Africa, only about 20% of residents in this continent have a standard bank account.

Roo Troop

This is an NFT project with a Web3 job board. It focuses on both job placement and education positioned to enhance education, adoption, and innovation. Roo Troop helps Web3 beneficiaries to gain careers after their education.

DPAD Academy

Here is the wing through which DPAD rolls out its educative and enlighetening write-ups and series on different concepts in the industry. For example, we have the A — Z Series which simplifies the different major concepts we have in the crypto space.

“A Little Late in Crypto” is also a talk show that is focused on education and communication about the crypto market, latest trends, and advice on how to get started or improve in many aspects of the crypto market. We often invite IDO investors, crypto experts, blockchain founders, community managers, KOLs, prospective investors as well as our team of professionals at DPAD to meet the community and enlighten them in trending crypto topics.

Basically, the show is for crypto IDO investors, aspiring crypto investors, crypto enthusiasts, and anyone wishing to learn more across the Web3 ecosystem in general.


Web 3 is an advanced technology that offers advanced knowledge that is in great demand, but rare to find. However, blockchain solutions are gradually finding a way into almost every traditional industry including restaurants, real estate, health, financial institutions, the educational industry and so on. On-chain projects based on education and sustainability will therefore bring about a simpler, brighter, and frictionless future for all.

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