Unveiling the Beta Testing of DPAD Daily Spin-to-Earn Platform

4 min readJun 10, 2022


Typically, DPAD Finance project puts a premium on any activity that will make the community very active and engaging. Thus, the team is always looking for ways to bring more utility to $DPAD tokens, and as well to find fun ways to keep the community thriving and earning while innovating at the same time.

Newly, DPAD has developed the daily spin and win feature on our website. The feature is available here and will be accessible to everyone who holds at least 500 $DPAD tokens.

Currently, we are opening up the Beta Testing of the event and the Beta version of the platform will be available for DPAD holders to try out. As the product has already been tested in-house, the beta testing period will not be dragged for so long. Thus, make sure you get in!

Spinning the wheel gives you the chance of winning up to 11 $DPAD tokens, as well as other cryptocurrencies. We created this to incentivise DPAD holders, add more utility to the DPAD token and help our community cope with this bear market.

It is also worthy of note that we are the first launchpad platform to come up with this kind of feature, which demonstrates our innovative capacity in a very significant way.

Taking part in the spin to win event is very easy. Simply follow the steps below.

You’d need some $DPAD tokens first if you do not have any.

  1. Head to Pancakeswap through this link. It will take you directly to the DPAD buying portal.
  2. Purchase 500 or more $DPAD tokens.
  3. Head to the spin and win portion of our website here.
  4. Connect your wallet. Once you connect it, a “spin the wheel” button should appear.
  1. Click on the “spin the wheel” button.
  2. At this point, the wheel should begin spinning. Wait for it to stop spinning, and your prize will be selected automatically.
  3. Once your prize has been selected, it should look something like this

And just like that, you have won some free $DPAD!

As long as you have 500 $DPAD or more in your wallet, you can spin this wheel every day and win awesome prizes!

Now that we have critically explained how the spin and win event works, let us explore the requirements for participation in the spin and win event.

Guidelines for participating

The rules of the event are extremely easy to follow.

  1. You must hold at least 500 $DPAD tokens.
  2. You can only spin once a day. The day starts counting at 0:00 UTC and stops at 24:00 UTC for all users, so make sure to factor this in when spinning! In the future, those who hold their rewards may be eligible for higher spin rewards when the feature becomes activated.
  3. If you tick off all the boxes above, you can then proceed to spin. If you win, your winnings are collected into your balances, and you have two options on what to do with the balance:
  4. You can choose to withdraw everything at once by clicking on the “withdraw all” button. This will require you to confirm a transaction in your wallet and pay a little gas fee. The contract then sends the balance to your wallet. The entire process is automated, and all you have to do is confirm the transaction.
  1. If you want, you can continue accumulating rewards and then when the rewards are as large as you want, you can proceed to withdraw all the rewards to your wallet using the same steps detailed above.
  2. After you have withdrawn your tokens, your balance will be set to zero, and you cannot withdraw until you win another spin.

Currently, the rewards are limited to $DPAD, but in the future, projects that launch on the DPAD launchpad will have their tokens added to the reward options.

Upcoming additions to the spin and win event

We are happy to announce that this is not the final version of the spin and win event. We will be adding more features as time goes on, such as:

  • Adding more coins as rewards as more tokens launch on our launchpad
  • Higher rewards being given to wallets holding larger amounts of $DPAD.
  • Extra spins being given out to people who take part in IDOs on our platform
  • The purpose of the spin to win event is to incentivize $DPAD holders to continue holding their $DPAD tokens, while adding even more utility to the platform while helping our community members pull through the bear market. Be sure to take part in the event and win yourself some $DPAD!

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