What Makes DPAD Finance Different?

What Makes DPAD Finance Different?

DPAD Finance is a multi-chain launchpad that targets fundraising for blockchain-based ideations in a permissionless manner and through public listing where willing investors can access promising projects. Typically, DPAD Finance leverages decentralized technology and a transparent protocol, governed by the community members holding its native DPAD tokens. Among other launchpads, however, certain features distinguish DPAD Finance, as critically detailed below:

Significantly, DPAD Finance seeks to build a launchpad that runs seamlessly and leaves users with a positive life-changing experience. To this end, the protocol runs on the Binance Smart Chain network as a smart contract. It was designed this way to beat down the high gas fees of the Ethereum blockchain at that time.

Another important point to note is that the platform has a user-friendly interface for decentralized staking, voting, and a section for funding of listed projects.

DPAD Finance is also designed to handle and balance all investors’ traffic loads, hence, providing a completely transparent and fair ecosystem that is accessible to our teeming community at the same time. With this, projects can drive funds according to the set terms and investors would be able to complete desired transactions.

Indeed, many launchpads in the crypto space today focus mainly on fundraising. Their common features are usually capital distribution, investing tools, staking, and so on, neglecting the importance of providing vital support in assisting startups to raise the required capital. This is one of the major areas where DPAD is different and aims to fill this gap. DPAD therefore helps startups raise the desired capital by forming an ecosystem of investors around vetted projects and also support the projects beyond fundraising.

In the same vein, DPAD protocol is made-up of a team of experts that builds Web3 applications. The team represents DeFi-based social venture builders by identifying, building and incubating solutions that are Web3-inclined and metaverse-bound.

Primarily, DPAD’s native token ($DPAD) serves as the governance token that powers the protocol similar to most Decentralized Finance protocols. It is also a standard BEP-20 token that is built on the BSC with staking and voting functions.

The DPAD community consists of five main interconnected categories and the DPAD protocol impacts positively on different classifications; Startups, Investors, Founders, Community, and Resource providers. All these five units work in synergy to ensure the success and progress of the DPAD ecosystem in absolute terms.

For investors that are attracted by Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), DPAD stands out as the best launchpad, given that the interface focuses on analytical tools driven by data. To validate these data, community opinions are gathered on various parameters and data harvested will be used for evaluating any project before enlisting it. These parameters, for example, include website quality, social media quality, team professionalism. Additionally, individual investors get help based on public reviews and feedback.


DPAD is perhaps one of the fastest-rising launchpads for IDO and the gamification agenda. The team is committed to building a community of creative participants with a passion for transforming blockchain projects from ideation to execution, monetization as well as commercialization. Apart from offering excellent UX/UI to investors and advising startups, DPAD also provides incubation services to various blockchain projects with exceptional team members and solution-oriented projects. In the growing cryptosphere therefore, projects can now raise capital on DPAD, even from small retail investors to large-budget investors, unlike the traditional investment logic.

About DPAD

The DPAD Finance is an IDO platform built by and for IDO investors. The founders stepped into crypto in 2016 during the rise of the ICO and have been through all the different phases. During this time they have identified all the pain points of IDO investors and have created a streamlined protocol that has automated as many steps in the process as possible. It’s a fully decentralized organization, with a social venture builders program focused on launching the best startup ideas to hit the Metaverse. Learn more about DPAD on the following links:

Website |Telegram |Announcement |Youtube |Twitter | Whitepaper |Token Contract| DPAD on Bloomberg



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